2-81: Lead Side Kick

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1-80: Lead Side Kick

The lead side kick is one of my most favorite kicks to perform. It is not the most useful of kicks – it’s scope of usability is quite low – but it is very fun to execute.

I may rename this kick – for my own purposes, to something like a lead turning back kick. Side kick is a bit misleading – kicking from the side would severely limit the speed and power in the kick.

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35-79: Lead Crossing Elbow Final

I finished the 10,000 for the lead crossing elbow! This is the second technique that I have completed. It feels great to have accomplished this thus far.

Here is a description of the lead crossing elbow, as I have come to know it. First a ‘step-by-step’ description.

  1. Step off with the rear leg, raising the lead leg upwards – this shall become a very quick ‘hop’. (For those more steeped in martial arts knowledge: this is differentiated from the lead front punch, where the fist-arm moves before the legs.)
  2. While beginning the hop, twist the foot to help with forward momentum, and also to begin the ‘twisting’ motion of the elbow strike.
  3. Continue to twist upwards through the body, gaining much from the twist of the hips, forming a kinetic-chain. Also begin to raise the elbow in a sharp arching motion – one which will almost have to perform a 90 degree angle at the top.
  4. Push off completely with the rear foot.
  5. Finish the arch (establish contact) of the elbow in unison with the kinetic-chain of the body – striking the target.
  6. After desired penetration of about 1-3 inches is achieved from the elbow retract the elbow in the same arch that it took to reach the target (withdraw the elbow reverse of the strike – not simply downwards). Begin to reverse the twist of the body here to help with withdraw.
  7. Land the front foot, begin body realignment – continue the reverse of the twist.
  8. Land the rear foot and finish body realignment.

The strike ends with the body very close to the target – opponent – and so grappling or trapping are the most prominent options available. A quick retreat can be achieved if instead of landing the rear foot, an immediate push off – going backwards – with the lead foot is executed.

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34-78: Lead Crossing Elbow

Started today with some reaction drills. I performed much better than I did in my previous attempts. I was not jumpy or jittery with my movements at all. I could easily strike when I needed to, without using too much energy.

Tomorrow is my last day for this technique – I will reach 10,000 on my second training technique. I still do not know what my next technique will be. . .

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33-77: Lead Crossing Elbow

Went back to the focus clap pad today to reassure myself that the mirror training was beneficial – it was. My striking is much more direct, and I can feel myself striking the pad much more ‘solidly’ than I was before.

I am not sure what I want to work on for the last two days of my training – I will probably do a mix of everything I have done so far, along with some more reaction training – haven’t done too much reaction training with this technique.

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32-76: Lead Crossing Elbow

Focused on utilizing the mirror today. I was able to straighten out my strike much more so than I have been able to doing the technique ‘blind’ – from my own perspective. Reflective training seems to be more beneficial than I had at first anticipated – I will try to work this in much earlier on my next technique.

Speaking of my next technique – I only have three more days left after today until I choose my next one. I have no idea what I am going to pick. Perhaps a weapon technique, or another kicking technique. I will have more time during the summer, so I will probably do more than the 300 repetitions per day.

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31-75: Lead Crossing Elbow

Utilizing the mirror has brought to my attention some of the finer details of my strike.

My elbow seems to be going straight for the majority of the striking part of the technique, however, it is curing upwards at the very end of the strike, plus the entire strike seems to be done at an upwards angle. I have straightened it out a bit, but more work needs to be done with it.

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30-74: Lead Crossing Elbow

Did slow repetitions on the clap focus pad today. I focused mainly on my footwork and the arc of my elbow.

Not too much to report today. The mirror drills yesterday helped ‘straighten’ out my technique and I will probably utilize the mirror some more in the following days.

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29-73: Lead Crossing Elbow

Worked primarily on the heavy bag today, and focused on body movement.

I am getting the body mechanics placed in nicely, everything works smoothly. My strike is much more powerful now – if used in a fight, it would actually do some damage.

I did my last set in front of my mirror, to watch for telegraphing tells. I don’t make any noticeable tells at the moment, but if I continue to study in front of the mirror, I should be able to take the techniques inherent telegraphing down some.

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28-72: Lead Crossing Elbow

Had to take a few days off due to illness and school – not very fun.

Returning to training, I was glad to find that I had not ‘fallen back’ – my technique had remained pretty much unchanged – I only took a few days off though, and I did do a few other martial arts things.

My technique is getting closer and closer to being combat ready. I am now going to start pushing my comfortableness with the technique further.

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