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A Basic Overview of Telegraphing As It Applies To the Martial Arts

The telegraphing aspect of martial arts has become quite popular in the past few decades. Telegraphing has always been important in the martial arts, but the nature of how we think about it has become much more complex as of late.

Telegraphing is the ‘signals’ that we display in our movements giving ‘tells’ about what our current goals are. Learning to read someone else’s telegraphs is crucial for reacting to their offense and defense, as it is also crucial to limit the telegraphing that one does so as to keep the opponent ‘in the dark’. When speaking about telegraphing in martial arts we are concerned with these two areas – how can I read and interpret what my opponent is going to do, preferably before they do it, and how can I limit what I am conveying to my opponent as related to my goals and methods.